About Sandra


Teacher, photographer, writer, wife, parent, grandparent, champion of children….these are just some of the many hats I wear.

Life is a journey, an adventure, and I try to embrace that philosophy in my many roles.  I love to travel, and bring back what I experience, and learn, to help grow my skills and enhance my relationships.  I love to read, journeying from my armchair. I love to spend time in nature, walking our comical Golden Retriever, and processing my day.  No distractions.  Just our beautiful world.

In writing this book, I hope to share not just my philosophy, but my experience in education over the past 42 years.  Having taught grades 4-12, both general and special education, and post-secondary education students, I have a foundational knowledge, based on research and experience, to create a tool which will help children, family members, and educators help grow young people with strong character.  In the society in which we live, the more positive role models we have for children, and the more help they get developing positive character traits, and how to fend off the bullies in this world, the better our society will be.

So enjoy our website, and enjoy the book!

***If you would like to know more about my photography, travels, and other publications, please visit  www.4pointsphotography.blogspot.com.