Welcome Back!

Corona Birthday

It is that time of year already…yet it looks and feels so different.

Some children will continue to work online this fall, or for some portion of it, and teachers have been working hard to improve their skills, as well as create creative and robust lessons for their students.

Other young people will begin the year in a face-to-face situation, so glad to get back into the classroom and see their friends and be “normal” again.  We do know they will be disappointed by many aspects of their experience.

And once again parents/grandparents/caregivers are challenged with making everything work.  Family time, meal time, online schedules, work…etc.  Let’s not forget that our pets have been used to having us at their beck-and-call for quite a while, and some may even develop separation anxiety.

The key to success right now may lie in the powers of kindness and patience.  And this includes for yourself.  My goodness, these challenging times are enough to try the minds and souls of people.  But we can rise above any of the frustrations and logistics. and the inconvenience of wearing a mask WAY more than we ever thought we would.

There is power in remembering the Greater Good.  Past generations have done it, and so can we.  So, keep your spirits up and your capes on – we are all asked to find our inner super powers right now.  Let’s do it!

How are you doing as we prepare for this coming school year?  We would love to hear from you!

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