Wonderkids and Wonderfamilies


We love to travel and have met some pretty wonderful people over the years.  This winter we have ventured to warmer climates for a couple of months and are astounded by the number of people who are living, and raising families, in RV’s.

One such family we met a week ago.   Mom, Dad, Golden Retriever Puppy, two children, and a babe in a stroller, were walking by our campsite.  We took time to meet them, pet the puppy and talk with the kids a minute.  The newest member of the family was just 4 days old!  And they were full-time RVers.  Dad worked at a job that took him on the road a lot, so they decided to travel together.  Mom was just beginning the homeschool process with the oldest, who looked to be about 1st grade age, maybe a bit younger.  Wow.

Another mom I met in the laundry room as she was finishing a load of her son’s school sports uniforms.  He needed them for school Monday.  As we talked I found out the family was also living in their RV, and had been since June.  Her son was probably late elementary or maybe middle school, and they knew they wanted to locate here but didn’t want to buy a place until they checked out the schools, and various areas around the city/suburbs.

These are only two examples of people we met who are spending their time as families, and who are raising their children in what most of us would consider an alternative lifestyle.  The kids were well mannered, outdoors most of the time, in the pool, hiking, walking the dog, helping with chores, or just hanging out.  I never saw  any of them on any sort of technology, or asking to be on a computer or gaming system.  I am not saying technology is a bad thing, only that it didn’t appear to take up the bulk of these kids days.

The time spent out of doors is much more doable in a warm climate, but the focus on family and time spent talking and playing with others can be created anywhere, at any time of the year.

Food for thought – Have a great day!

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