Away from the Desk too Long


Sometimes life just gets in the way, doesn’t it?  I could NOT believe it had been so long since I last updated the website!  During the summer we tend to wind down and reboot.  Learning and growing, both professionally and personally, sound like Wonderkid traits, don’t they?

We continue talking with kids, teachers and parents, and working to find the niche for our book.  It is not simply a story book, it is much more a resource book.  Kids do love to be read to, and the photographs in the book are engaging, but the discussion that goes with growing Wonderkid-skills makes all the difference in teaching kids how to make positive choices, and handle uncomfortable situations.

Today I have the opportunity to do another book reading at a community event.  Each time I do a reading I change the program, based on trial and error…like any teacher does!  Today I am planning something more interactive and am looking forward to seeing another group of growing Wonderkids.  Look for details in my next post…coming SOON!

IMG_9270 (2)

I am planning on being back at “the desk” now, and posting more regularly.   You should see more activity on Instagram, FB and Pinterest, as well.  We are all learning in this process, and now that we are readying for the start of a new school year…it is time to build classroom libraries, and get this book into the hands of school counselors and social workers, as well.

Happy Fall – here we go!

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