Holiday Arts Show Fun


Though the October weather was quite warm and inviting, I spent the day inside, presenting my “wares” at a community arts and crafts event.  Christmas music played as people wandered to the various vendors, enjoying conversation and early shopping opportunities.  There was lots of food to snack on, as well!

I had a wonderful time talking to people about our book, as Miss Molly showed off her Wonderkid cape, and we handed stickers out to the children.  There was so much conversation surrounding the topic of positive role modeling, and how to teach children how to find their hidden super powers.  Empowering children to be able to problem solve everyday situations, and know what to do when faced with a bully, are huge goals of ours, and the main idea behind this book.

It was also exciting to run into former students, both from my public school days, as well as my time here at Central Michigan University.  They are furthering the cause themselves, as parents, mentors, and role models.  It is very rewarding for me to see, knowing I was a part of their growth.


Books were purchased for children, grandchildren, and classroom teachers – further spreading the message.  Christmas is coming, and there are plenty of books to be had.  Check out Amazon, or see either Linda or myself.



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