Making a Difference


Sometimes you don’t know if you are really reaching anyone.  You work so long and hard on a project, and when it is done there is a let-down.  A “Now what?” feeling.

When we received this FB message, however, we felt relief and pride…and excitement!  Thank you to Heidi B., an innovative and inspiring Kindergarten teacher, for sharing this story:

“I have a student in my room who, as you can imagine, makes less than stellar choices throughout the day.  Another student of mine went to Starbucks on Saturday and bought a book.  She said to me yesterday, ‘ I think ______ should come to my house so we can read “Wonderkids” to him!’  So today she came up to me and said,  ‘I found the inner hero in _______!’  Your book is working.  Keep up the good work!”

With renewed energy we are on to the next project…materials to support the book, and content.  Watch for upcoming announcements!

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