Together Again


What a WONDERfilled couple of days we have had together.  After seven years of phone conferences, with one visit to Georgia thrown in for good measure, we were finally able to reap the benefits of our hard work and efforts.


Yesterday we made our first official school visit, and shared our book with delightful little ones, as well as their teachers and other staff members.  We received a lot of feedback on how to grow our teacher materials, and were able to see how children responded to our format, and content.


It was awesome.  Then today we had our first book signing event, and shared our excitement with community members and friends.  Starbucks is a great venue, relaxed and welcoming.  We thank them for the support they offered.



So many former students passed through the line, as well.  We are happy we are continuing to make a positive impact on the lives of others through our work as writers, teachers and community members.  Thank you to everyone who came out this morning to support the Wonderkids in all our lives.

What’s next?  Well, Christmas is coming and what a great gift this book would be – what about gifts for the teachers of children in your life?  Just an idea!



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