Raising Wonderkids is a Challenge


Another grandchild post…great sources for material!

This little gal is such a peach.  She was all excited that her photograph was going to be in grandma’s book – the one she wrote all by herself (she doesn’t understand collaboration yet).  When the books finally arrived and I got them in the mail, I waited with baited breath to hear the reaction I would get from the children featured inside.  I knew I would hear from grandchildren first.

And when I did, I had to chuckle ruefully.  This particular child is a bit in the “diva” category.  Her mom sent me her reaction:

“I’m not complaining, but I thought I was the star!”  

Oh boy.  Did I not explain there were lots of children’s pictures in the book?  Probably not good enough for this little gal…but what about the others?  I guess I need to remember that communicating with children needs to be specific!

Then I re-read her comment.  Notice the Wonderkid phrase here:  “I’m not complaining, but….”   This phrase actually demonstrates the characteristic described for letter “S”.

S is for Statements
I will use my words with care.  
Words can help or hurt someone.  
I will stop and be aware.

She was thinking of a way of expressing her opinion without hurting anyone’s feelings.  Okay…I’ll buy it!

But what do the other children think, I wonder?

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