W is for Wonderkid

I’ll be the best that I can be.

I’ll try to make good choices each day,

Which helps both you and me.

Character building is one of the most valuable gifts we can give our children. Learning about positive behavior begins at an early age as children move from playing by themselves to playing with others and becoming more aware of the world around them. The research on bullying and the negative effects on society continue to be alarming. W is for Wonderkid offers an opportunity to discuss, practice, and model ways children can help build their super powers, and make the world a kinder environment.

Whether their cape is visible or invisible, all children can be Wonderkids. W is for Wonderkid has been created to enhance the growth of all children, and encourage a sense of caring and responsibility. Through this book, the child will develop their powers, and become aware of their actions and how those actions influence others. Watch for character-building moments that occur each day and help children build their Wonderkid skills.

Wonderkid Cover